Hey guys and girls welcome to my Pwnboxer Review website, This is a Full Review on the WoW multiboxing software named Pwnboxer. Written by an actual user.

Here’s The Bad News About Pwnboxer!

unhappy pwnboxer playerUnfortunately my favorite WoW Multiboxing software has ended, they have stopped there updates and it’s no longer for sale anywhere.Which to me at the time was a real bummer because once you are a multiboxer it’s very hard to go back

What happened to the multiboxing software is rather disappointing to say the least. Due to a lack of monitoring and up keep the software was starting to produce more bugs than were fixable.

It was sending false commands, scripts were breaking and it allowed an easy backdoor for spam. In the end, be it for personal reason or not Pwnboxer is no longer being sold or maintained.

If you are still trying to use it I would stop. You may be doing your account more damage than you need.

Pwnboxer’s Gone! So What’s The Solution?

wow multibox pro good newsOkay so now not everything is doom and gloom, usually something good always comes from something bad and pwnboxer finishing up is no different. Why you ask? Well now you are able to get anothe WoW Multiboxing software that has very similar features to Pwnboxer and in my opinion they are far better.

The main reason it is better is because the code and scripting is far cleaner and faster. I found it even easy tha Pwnboxer to install and that’s saying something as Pwn Boxer was a breeze.

Now for the best part!… It’s 100% FREE. Yep, it’s Free which is exactly what I like after trying the few that have popped up from time to time and spending a fortune doing so it’s a real breath of fresh air when you can access something as good as this for Free.

So the the first order of business is to answer the big question I’m always getting asked:

  • Q.Can I Get Pwnboxer or any other WoW Multiboxing Software For Free?
  • A. Well you can’t get Pwnboxer for Free , in fact as I just explained you can’t get it at all anymore but YES you can get a WoW Multiboxing software for FREE and it’s called “WoW Multibox Pro”

Click on the download button at the bottom of the page or over there —> to the right.

Now let me show you a quick video I made a little while ago when Pwnboxer was still my No1 Multiboxing software. The reason why this is still worth seeing is that’s it’s a basic intro to what the software could do which is much the same as the New Free alternative. It also gives you a quick rundown on what WoW Multiboxing is all about.

Why I Wrote This Pwnboxer Review?

Well the reason that I have written this Pwnboxer Review for you guys is basically I’m a pretty picky guy who really likes to make sure a product works properly and deliver everything they promise.

crazy guyWhen I was searching for a decent Multiboxing software that would  cater to my multiboxing needs I hit a bit of a wall. I was going absolutely crazy and should have been restrained in a straight jacket. Yep I looked just that the crazy fellow in the image to the left.

It sent me that crazy that I had to walk away from it and forget all about the idea of multiboxing altogether.

There are other multiboxing programs out there that looks flash with all their videos they upload by the programmers of game play but give no help once an update hits wow your on your own. I hate to admit it but I spent hundreds finding this out and the reviews I was reading were just marketers flogging off every half baked software out there.

Basically I bit the bullet in the beginning and bought the ones that looked alright, I spent heaps and every multiboxing software let me down, not one lived up to its hype, they just left me to myself feeling scammed and worried to buy another. It was rather discouraging.

I left it for awhile until after a few buddies of mine during some awful pug raid they invited me to one day, they are both multiboxers they told me I was an idiot for not asking them first , they suggested Pwnboxer to me. Both faw and typh had been multiboxing for a long time and they went through a similar thing they found Pwnboxer and hadn’t looked back since.

Until recently I was stoked just sticking to that one multiboxing software but now it’s not available I was lucky enough to get access to a completely FREE version which is a little bit of a take of pwnboxer. That’s why I like it so much, so when you are reading below just remember that they are very similar. Anything Pwnboxer can do WoW Multibox Pro can do as well, if there are differences or anything that needs clarifying I will do so as we go along.

After all I went threw I was amazed how perfectly pwnboxer and now the wow multibox pro software actually worked. On top of that the support I got from the Pwnboxer developers was excellent.

Check out this video below it’s a little old as it’s more to do with Pwnboxer but I thought it would give you a little more insight into the software and multiboxing in general.

So after all this I decided I should try and make a review to help anyone out there who is in the market for a multiboxing software.

So here we are if your reading this your clearly looking for something along the lines of Pwnboxer, If you want to know how it helped me or a bit more about me Click Here

What exactly is Pwnboxer?

Remember – This is no longer available but the new one does exactly the same so the details below refer to the New WoW Multibox Pro as well.

Pwnboxer is a unique Multiboxing Software that once installed is a program that allows you to do anything you would expect a Multiboxing software to do.


You can do so many things such as level, play multiple characters and classes at once. You can destroy arena and dungeons by yourself, grind all your characters gear much quicker. To put it simply this software gives you a whole new way to enjoy your gaming experience. In short

“Pwnboxer has been a one of a kind Multiboxing Software that has saved me a lot of time and hassle”

If you have any questions or need help with Pwnboxer just go Here to my contact me page and I will help as best I can

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Pwnboxer – List of Features

Hey again guys and girls of a nerdy nature in this section of Pwnboxer review I will be giving a big list of features that comes with the New Free Multiboxing Software.

Pwnboxer and its development team have included every possible feature a multiboxer could ask for and it’s no different with the Free alternative or only option. Its literally like playing wow and having your own army of personal legal bots behind you. Any information or help you could ever possibly need about this software can easily be found as well

See below for a list of features for Pwnboxer and the New WoW Multibox Software:

  • Broadcast your keystrokes from one character to all of the others
  • Broadcast your mouse movements and click from your main character to the rest (for questing/looting and what not)
  • Pwnboxer and WoW Multibox allows average PC’s and laptops to run more games
  • Pwnboxer and WoW Multibox have built in features which allow games such as wow to run more efficiently
  • Move your games around quickly and easily around all of your monitors/monitors, they both support multiple monitors on a single PC
  • Keep on top of your net connection, they also come with  Built-in networking monitoring so you know your network latency at all times
  • Pwnboxer and WoW Multibox Pro have virtual keyboard buttons in the form of dockable click-mapping, click anywhere in your game window to activate keystroke broadcasting to all your windows
  • It actually comes with an in-game web browser, so you can actually browse websites in game, play music or watch videos in your downtime
  • Record yourself playing, Pwnboxer comes with a Built-in video recording program, allowing you to use nearly any video codec out there to record yourself
  • WoW Multibox is regularly updated, to check simply look to the update log to see a summary of the updates they have done, Pwnboxer has been around since 2009 and will be here for a long time to come
  • check your twitter from inside the game itself with Pwboxer
  • Control each individual wow graphic and sound settings on a per game basis

Well that’s it, this is a list of some just Features that come with both Pwnboxer and WoW Multibox. There are many more but with this list you get the base of it. Don’t forget to check out the top of the page for more useful information about Pwnboxer and the New Free WoW Multiboxing Software.

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Pwnboxer Con’s

Pwnboxer dislikesHey boys and girls Like everything everywhere there are always downsides to everything and anything and Pwnboxer is really no different.

Whilst using this Wow Multiboxing software I didn’t find many negatives to write about but writing a Review on Pwnboxer I have to be honest and give the con’s I found.

So what I have done is listed below a few of the things that shook me up a little bit about Pwnboxer:

  • Possible software errors after patches (but developers have it fixed and their own patches out within hours)
  • When I first downloaded Pwnboxer it was a little confusing (but I didn’t read the instructions)
  • while service is great it can take up to 48 hours for a developer to respond to you


But from what I have played and seen the Pwnboxer Pro’s far outweigh the Pwnboxer con’s but as I said with every up side there Is a down and those are just the issues I personally had many people didn’t but everyone is different.

Now after reading those few downside to this software you are probably thinking that there may be more and if that is the case just contact me. When you contact me just let me know what your experiences where using it or setting it up and I will post them here whether they are good or bad.

Pwnboxer Pro’s

pwnboxer review - pro'sHey guys welcome to the Pwnboxer Pro’s section of my Review site.

In this section ill be briefly listing all the things that I personally found to be really great about this Wow Multiboxing software and of course the New Multiboxing software that as you know is Free.

So When choosing a Multiboxing Software you obviously need to know the good stuff and the bad stuff about it. I ended up using and personally loved Pwnboxer for its multiple pro’s and uses to improve productivity and game enjoyment.

The same goes with the new WoW Multibox software. Like I have mentioned before they are very similar so I found the same things really stood out as pro’s with me on this new one.

Here is a short list of things I Personally Loved about it:

  • Level as Multiple characters  in the same time as it takes to level one
  • a massive boost to gold generation
  • extremely simple and quick to install and set up
  • Customer service is excellent
  • solo Queue for dungeons
  • Don’t need a ridiculous computer to run
  • level several classes at once so you never have to wonder what if I leveled one

Again guys this is just a small list of pro’s, I’m sure if you used Pwnboxer or the New alternative then you will find many more pro’s yourself. There are many ways to enjoy world of warcraft, some live to PvE some PvP, some live to troll and for a lot of people all of the above but a new way to look into WoW is by Multiboxing.

With Pwnboxer you had everything you need to take your World Of Warcraft experience to the next level and the new WoW Multibox pro is no different.

Now remember if you have not done so already, go ahead and check out Pwnboxer Feature’s and check out the Top Of The Page for a lot of Useful information Such as WoW Multiboxing Macro’s and more.

Download The FREE WoW Multiboxing Software Here

Pwnboxer – My Final Thoughts On Pwnboxer

pwnboxer reviewSo we have come to the conclusion of this Pwnboxer Review and I feel I needed to express my final thoughts on pwnboxer. Since I have used Pwnboxer for my WoW Multiboxing Shenanigans its been hand down the best and easiest way to multibox on wow or any other game you might play for sure.

If you want the best I would recommend Pwnboxer, The support is extremely quick and easy to install. I personally only write reviews on products that I believe will help others as much as they have helped me.

Not only is the initial software excellent but it offers Continued ongoing updates and support to cater to expansions, patch updates and anything else they can do to mess with your set up, so you will never have to find another Multiboxing Software again.

It comes with all this and they are so confident in their product that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, I would absolutely recommend Pwnboxer for anyone in need of a Multiboxing software, Go ahead and give it a try because I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. Don’t forget to check out  the top of the page for useful information, or even see a list of Pwnboxer Features

If you have any thing you need to ask or get of your chest by all means contact me

If you want to learn more about me personally then Click Here

100% FREE - Wow multiboxing Software!
WOW Multibox Pro

Want to control 5+ World of Warcraft characters at once on 1 PC?

Want to farm instances and heroics by yourself and get all the loot?

Want to own at PVP?